Consumer Behavior Class (Family and Consumer Sciences 231) 2013

Ria Maria Bakrie

Undergarduate Student Majoring in Biology Dept of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science

Bogor Agricultural University

Notes on Consumer behavior Class 231, Thursday 21 Pebruari 2013

Types of jobs are most needed is marketing. There are 3 factors that influence consumer decision process is the difference individual character, environmental factors, and marketing strategies.
The decision making process is influenced by psychological factors consumers, such as personality, motivation, and the process consumer communications. Other factors that influence is the social and cultural of the consumer. The understanding of factors can be used in the marketing system of the manufacturer of the product to influence consumer decisions in choosing products. consumers and predict consumer behavior.

Neo Freudian theory (Theory of Social Psychology):
• Personality is influenced by the social environment. This theory did not agree with the dominant role of instinct and sex/ biologic in the formation of personality.
• Lifestyle is a reflection of the personality. Reflects how people allocate time and money. Different lifestyles will result in different behaviors, so it will give a different business opportunities.
• Self-concept is a combination of personality and lifestyle according to Williams (1890).

Based on Based on Consumer Behavior Text Book by Ujang Sumarwan


Ujang Sumarwan. 2011. Perilaku Konsumen: Teori dan Penerapannya dalam Pemasaran. Jakarta: PT Ghalia Indonesia.

Lecturers of Consumer Behavior Class Semester Feb – May 2013

žProf Dr Ir Ujang Sumarwan, MSC (

Dr. Ir Lilik Noor Yuliati

žIr. Retnaningsih, MS

žMegawati Simanjuntak, SP, MS

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

College of Human Ecology

Bogor Agricultural University

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